Topaze 'tc' Moore
Arctic FoxRidley Sea TurtlePrairie ChickenPangolinCalifornia Red-Legged FrogClarkiaBlack-footed FerretTiger SalamanderCoralOkapi - EndangeredSea HorseKilldeerPine ConeFlorida Sandhill Crane - EndangeredLeopardAmsterdam Albatross - Critically EndangeredSand DollarAsian Elephant - EndangeredBeluga Whale - Near ThreatenedIvory Billed Woodpeckers - ExtinctThylacine - ExtinctMonarch Butterflies
Reflections is a exhibition made with mirrors etched with flora and fauna that are threatened, vulnerable or extinct. The ghost like images make it difficult for the viewer to simultaneously look at the etching and at the same time not be distracted by looking at oneself. The viewer becomes part of picture. These images are reminders to what could be and what has been for some species on this planet, including ourselves.