Topaze 'tc' Moore
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Lost Animals is a mixed media artistic response to my own panicked angst about the fact that 20 to 50 % of all flora and fauna will be lost by the end of this century. In this exhibition pieces are built into and under glass, in tiny vials or in display cabinets. I fear that our future biosphere will only be present as a display item for our entertainment in isolated islands of biological data. Pieces are made with animal skins, feathers, hair, teeth and claws incorporating elements from the animals’ habitats to indicate precisely the conditional interdependence and survival of both the animals and their environment. I wanted to create what I call psychic presences. The sculptural piece titled Leggings and Bunny Slippers was created to make human apparel items using animal fur and feet to develop empathy for animals. The pieces titled Healings are skins from the fur industry that I purchased on-line as scraps by the pound. I opened the package and found the mink and beaver pelts with holes cut into them. I felt the need to try and sew them back together.