Topaze 'tc' Moore
49 Days of MourningBLMChestnut Mustang #1Chestnut Mustang #2Aged One
This untrimmed mane hair in this piece came from a horse who broke his leg at the barn where I board my horses. One morning as I was going to my horses I saw Riley standing in a small ravine with a open break on his right front leg. I immediately drove to the managers house to inform her that the owner and vet needed to be called for Riley would have to be put down. I asked the owners permission to roach his mane and as I was doing this I realized something profound, despite this tragedy. That art is to some extent about a desire for some sort of immortality, a human attempt to keep something of ourselves collectively moving forward. A desire for some tread of continuity in our uncertain futures. This work shows different thread colours and patterns combined with different colours of horse hair to express a kind of grieving. Seven of the 49 pieces are made with Riley's hair forming a double cross coming off the masonite, his spirit freed, but surrounded by 42 of his horse friends.